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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
/ Divan News
SAIs' Condolence on Demise of SAC Deputy DG, Morteza Asadi
Supreme Audit Institutions of different countries expressed their deep condolences on the death of Mr. Morteza Asadi, Deputy Director General of the Department of Public Relations and International Affairs of SAC to the President and colleagues in SAC as well as his bereaved family members.
Following the tragic death of Mr. Morteza Asadi on March 15, 2020, SAIs of Turkey, Indonesia, Kazakhstan (President of ECOSAI), Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Oman, Austria (INTOSAI General Secretariat), Pakistan (ECOSAI Secretariat), China (ASOSAI Secretariat) and Thailand sent separate messages of condolence. Having referred to Mr. Asadi's significant efforts to maintain and expand bilateral and multilateral relations at the regional and international levels, SAIs expressed their condolences over the loss of this resourceful employee to Prof. Dr. Adel Azar, President of SAC, and colleagues in SAC as well as the grieving family of the late Morteza.
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