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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
/ Divan News
Major events of SAC were reflected in the newest issue of ECOSAI Circular
The latest version of ECOSAI Circular (Spring 2019) was published by SAI Pakistan as the ECOSAI Secretariat. In this new version, some important events and news of SAC in 2019 were published, as follows:

1. President of SAC participated in Astana Economic Forum (16 to 17 May 2019, Kazakhstan)
2. The Prosecutor General of SAC participated in the 3rd Meeting of INTOSAI Forum of Jurisdictional Supreme
Audit Institutions (24-25 January 2019, Turkey)
3. SAC delegate participated in the BAI Seminar on IT Audit (29 April to 2 May 2019, South Korea)
4. SAC delegates participated in the Workshop on Introduction to Ethics Audit (15 to 19 April 2019, Turkey)
5. SAC successfully hosted an International Training Course on Performance Auditing (23 to 27 February 2019,
6. SAC delegate participated in the 4th Meeting of INTOSAI WGEI (27 to 29 May 2019, Philippines)
 The full text of the ECOSAI Circular is available here.
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