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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Inauguration of Educational Courses and Skills and Taking Oath of Office of New Recruits of SAC from 2017-2019

On Sunday, 17 November 2019, with the attendance of high-ranking officials of Supreme Audit Court of I. R. Iran, the inauguration ceremony of educational courses and skills, as well as, taking oath of office for new recruits from 2017-2019 was held at SAC headquarters and aired live in all the provincial centers.

Dr. Azar, the President of SAC, after welcoming the new employees pointed out: "Your presence brings fresh thought and organizational delight to the whole body that will in turn lead SAC to be increasingly active and dynamic. SAC appreciates knowledge, expertise and vigor of youth in you, and expects assiduity, devotion and commitment in return". His Excellency regarded SAC as a big family and continued: "Employees should work collaboratively and … focus on their career by learning the professional code of ethics and respecting the experiences of the senior". Dr. Azar concluded that education and learning at young age, advancement of professional competence, dedication to family, society and self, are the constituents of formula for the four-part supremacy in life.
Afterwards, Mr. Shojaei, the Public Prosecutor of SAC, welcomed the new recruits and congratulated them on choosing a professional supervisory body for their time of service. In the following, he explained the rules and procedures of SAC and pointed out the vital role of SAC in safeguarding the Public Treasury. He mentioned SAC as a high court characterized by supervisory competence in the field of public finance, whose judgments are peremptory and indispensable, and its ultimate objective being due observance of law enforcement, regulating public finance and facilitating the development of the country. Mr. Shojaei emphasized that SAC's observance is strategic and implemented ex post and ex ante.
At the beginning of the session, Dr. Moghimi, Chairman of Planning and Training Center of SAC explained that: "Formation of organizational behavior among new recruits is of grave importance and the purpose of this session is for the new recruits to be familiarized with diverse missions and different departments of SAC."
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