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Friday, October 19, 2018
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ECOSAI representatives attended the 19th ECO Council of Ministers in Istanbul

The Nineteenth Meeting of the Council of Ministers (COM) of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) was held in Istanbul, the Republic of Turkey, on 22nd December, 2010 The meeting was attended by 10 member states. The representatives of ECO Specialized Agencies and Regional Institutions also participated in the meeting. Also, present in the meeting were the representatives of the Turkish Cypriot State, Developing 8 (D-8), International Road Union (IRU) and Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC).

A delegation headed by Mr. Fereydoon Hemmau,i Deputy Senior President of Supreme Audit Court of Iran attend the same meeting on behalf of the ECOSAI Secretariate. The main objective of this trip was to request ECO Council of Ministers to encourage and support ECOSAI activities especially those non-active members to play a more important role in the activities of our regional organization. In the two day ECO official meetings, negotiations were made with the participants to include an item in the draft statement of ECO Council of Ministers. Therefore the ECO Ministers unanimously supported the ECOSAI activities in the region and invited ECOSAI Secretariat to attend the same meetings regularly in the future. The item 80 of the same statement reads:

"The Council welcomed the proposal of the Islamic Republic of Iran to invite the ECO Supreme Audit Institutions (ECO-SAI) to the Council of Ministers meetings to present their annual report. The Secretariat was instructed to take necessary action in this regard."

Since, ECOSAI was born originally from ECO as an independent organization, the cooperation between the two organization would be beneficial for both. Through a report to ECO Council of Ministers as an observer, first of all ECOSAI will have the chance to present its measures to improve public auditing, accountability, transparency and good governance in the region and second ECOSAI will request the governments of non active ECOSAI members to encourage their respective SAIs to play a more significant role in the multilateral cooperation in the field of public audit in the region. This issue will be further deliberated in the next BOG meeting of ECOSAI for final decision making.


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