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Saturday, April 20, 2019
/ Divan News
President of SAC Unveiled the Second Strategic Plan and Bina Project
Prof. Dr. Adel Azar, President of Supreme Audit Court of I. R. Iran (SAC), accompanied by Dr. Gholamreza Tajgardoon, Chairman of the Planning, Budget and Audit Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iranian Parliament), Dr. Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, Vice-President and Head of Planning and Budget Organization, Public Prosecutor, Members of Judiciary Boards, Deputies to President, Advisors and staff of SAC, attended the Annual Meeting of Director Generals of SAC.
Having explained the macro-objectives, vision, missions and long-term goals of SAC, Dr. Adel Azar pointed to accountability to main stakeholders, especially the Parliament, agility, professionalism and independence as well as being equipped with new technologies as the main strategies outlined in the Strategic Plan of SAC.
Next, the President of SAC described the Bina Project (Training Public Managers on Financial Laws) as a macro-plan designed to implement the preventive and guiding policy of SAC and added that SAC as a supreme supervisory institution should be an outstanding model for other agencies in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
Later on, Dr. Gholamreza Tajgardoon in a brief speech asserted that SAC is the Parliament's sharp-eyed supervisory institution that can deliver timely reports and prevent violations and irregularities. He appreciated the significant preventive and guiding activities conducted by SAC and added that the reports of SAC should be as transparent as possible.
Finally, Dr. Nobakht appreciated the efforts and endeavors of SAC and argued that SAC is a fully up-to-date institution and its monitoring reports have been highly welcomed. Besides, he asserted that the post-implementation monitoring reports are not the end of the work but the pre-implementation monitoring reports are highly appreciated.
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