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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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President of SAC Delineated the Macro-policies and Directions of SAC in 2018

On the occasion of Iranian New Year (Nowruz), Prof. Dr. Adel Azar, President of Supreme Audit Court of I. R. of Iran (SAC), attended an intimate meeting with the presence of the Public Prosecutor, Members of Judiciary Boards, Deputies, Advisors and staff of SAC. At this meeting, Dr. Adel Azar emphasized that the performance of SAC was very good in 2017, which was reflected in the comments and statements of those stakeholders both within and outside the SAC. Actually, the stakeholders, scholars and the society acknowledge that the SAC is at the peak of its professional work.

The President of SAC referred to the fact that although all performance indicators have significantly increased in 2017, there have been some deficiencies and challenges that should be improved in the current year.

He pointed to the motto of the year selected by the Supreme Leader of the I. R. of Iran (Supporting Iranian Goods) as the main priority of SAC and added that the strategic motto of SAC in 2018 revolves around the notions of "Wellbeing, Friendship and Efficiency". Next, Dr. Adel Azar expressed his gratitude to all the staff of SAC who have contributed to the compilation of the Second Five-Year Strategic Plan and emphasized that it will act as the covenant of SAC that navigates our programs in 2018.

Earlier at the same meeting, Mr. Fayyaz Shojaei, the Public Prosecutor, Dr. Baharifar, Vice-President for Executive and Logistic Affairs, and Dr. Moqimi, Chairman of Training and Planning Center of SAC gave reports on their respective scope of responsibilities during the past year and explained some important points on their future trends and programs.
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