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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Our main policy is to ensure that SAC is continuously developing its professional path: President of SAC

Qom, 22 February, 2018- Aiming at visiting staff and managers of Supreme Audit Court of Qom Province, Prof. Dr. Adel Azar, President of SAC, accompanied by Dr. Moghimi, Chairman of Training and Planning Center, and Mr. Shams, Director General of Inter-provincial Coordination, arrived in Qom Province on 22 February 2018.
During this trip, Dr. Adel Azar visited the SAC of Qom Province, participated in a general meeting with the presence of all staff of the foresaid SAC and exchanged ideas and opinions.
Dr. Adel Azar referred to the importance and necessity of supporting human capital and stated that the staff of SAC should be sensitive to issues and problems and act in harmony.
He emphasized that our main policy is to ensure that the SAC is continuously developing its professional path and specialized framework.
President of SAC clarified that the development of SAC's Electronic Audit System (Sana Project) has two stages; firstly, we strive to electronically record all the audit findings that are handled manually and, secondly, we move towards smarticization of the system.
He added: "The Comprehensive Audit Program in 2018 is directed towards performance audit and its standards have been prepared and communicated for implementation."
In the same meeting, Dr. Moghimi provided an explanation on the Comprehensive Annual Audit Program, stating: "The program has been designed around the strategic motto of the SAC, titled "Continuous Preventive, Guiding and Authoritative Financial Supervision".
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