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Thursday, April 26, 2018
/ اخبار دیوان
Fifth Joint Seminar between SAC Iran and BPK Indonesia was held
The Fifth Joint Seminar between the Supreme Audit Court of I. R. Iran (SAC) and Audit Board of Republic of Indonesia (BPK) was held in Denpasar, Bali Province of Indonesia on 29-30 November 2016. The main theme of the seminar included audit of Islamic state owned banks, audit on Taxation, relation between SAI and the arliament and knowledge sharing on training matters.
The four-member delegation from SAC was headed by Mr. Abdollah Safee Nasab, Vice President, Technical & Auditing of Economic & Infrastructure Affairs and accompanied by Mr. Mojtaba Zamanpour Principal Auditor State-owned Banks, Mr. Saeid Sattari, Director General of Supreme Audit Court, Tehran Province as well as Mr. Morteza Asadi Deputy Director General of Public Relations & International Affairs.
The Seminar was also attended by Prof. Dr. Eddy Mulyadi Soepardi, Board of AG (III) and Mr. Achsanul Qosasi, Board of AG VII, the Principal Auditor VII of the BPK, Mr. Abdul Latief, the Head of Public Relations and International Cooperation, Mr. Yudi Ramdan Budiman, the Head of the BPK’s Representative Office in Bali Province, Mr. Yulindra Tri Kusumo Nugroho. In addition to these people, some other directors and experts of BPK attended the same seminar.
At the end of this seminar, Mr. Abdollah Safaei Nasab, Vice President of the Audit of Economic and Infrastructure Affairs of the Supreme Audit Court of Iran and Mr. Achsanul Qosasi, the BPK’s Board Member VII, signed the draft of the Fifth Joint Action Plan in line with the implementation of MOU. This Action Plan aims at expanding bilateral cooperation between the two SAIs in the field of public audit.
The cooperation areas defined in the Fifth Action Plan include the audit on oil and gas, the IT audit on procurements, the quality of the audit report handed to the representative body, the tax audit, and the environmental audit. Beside in the forms of joint seminar and parallel audit, both SAIs agreed to improve their officers’ competency through training programs/joint workshops. With the signing of the action plan, both SAIs can develop auditors' capacity and competency especially in the field of public sector auditing as well as tighten the relationship between both SAIs, which has been established since 2008.

At the sideline of this seminar, the delegation from SAC visited the Representative Office of BPK in Bali. During the same visit, the delegation oriented themselves with the mandates, duties and functions of the same Office.

It is noteworthy to mention that the next Joint seminar between the two SAIs will be held in Tehran in 2017.
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