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Monday, June 18, 2018
/ Divan News
Members of the Judiciary Boards were elected
In line with the implementation of Article 16 of Supreme Audit Court Act, Dr. Adel Azar, President of Supreme Audit Court of I. R. Iran (SAC) nominated qualified candidates to the Committee on Plan, Budget and Audit of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iranian Parliament) in order to be approved for the position of members of the Judiciary Boards.
In a letter to the Chairman of the above mentioned Parliamentary Committee, Dr. Azar nominated 30 qualified candidates to the same committee out of them a total of 12 people will be shortlisted for assuming the vacant positions at the four branches of the Judiciary Boards of the SAC.
The Committee on Plan, Budget and Audit on 22nd and 23rd August 2016 evaluated the qualification, work experience and other related criteria of the candidates and finally approved the following people as the new members of the Juidiciary Boards for the 10th Parliament:
1- Mr. Rahim Mombini
2- Mr. Ghasem Azizi
3- Mr. Esmaeel Jalili
4- Mr. Mohammad Reza Abdi
5- Mr. Kavoos Akbari
6- Mr. Vahid Kiarashi
7- Mr. Fathollah Rahimi
8- Mr. Alireza Siavash Pour
9- Mr. Gholam Hossein Mozafari
10- Mr. Seyed Isa Mohseni Sangtabi
11- Mr. Hossein Razghandi
12- Mr. Hadi Favachi

The above mentioned Parliamentary Committee also elected Mr. Abbas Shirzad, Mr. Shahram Eshragh and Mr. Mohammad Shams as the acting Judiciary Board Members who will perform the duties of the above mentioned judges in their absence.
It is noteworthy to mention that after the inauguration of new parliament, the President and Public Prosecutor of the SAC will be elected at the open session of the Parliament with the direct votes of the MPs. The new President of the SAC is then required by law to nominate the members of the Judiciary Boards to the Plan, Budget and Audit Committee of the Parliament.
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